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And here's the story: I heard one of these awesome creatures last night, I was in bed and my bedroom faces the river, so this guy must have been in the trees right behind me. Well, not THIS owl, I got this vid from youtube. Research this morning told me it's the sound of a Great Horned Owl, probably the most prevalent in this area.

What I did was spare you the actual earworm it created: Wildfire by Michael Martin Murphy in 1975. Well, I won't really spare you: here's the vid if you want. I was always fascinated by one of the native American owl legend (owls have featured in mythology in many cultures in many ways) they incorporated. Couldn't get this song out of my head all day, despite being busy!

I'm hoping to spot the owl some evening, they're territorial so he shouldn't go too far, but they're hard to spot in so many trees.

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