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Originally Posted by Griff
I just got a new mag one...use it during tv time....... prefer to cc ski in the winter ... expensive high techy trainers that allow you to hook up with your pc ... cool.
I have read that the mag ones are better due to increased resistance as you increase speed, vs fan ones where this is not the case. what is your opinion of this? why did you get the new one? was it cooled vs. not? the dude i talked to this weekend at Scheels basically told me that if i don't get a cooled mag one, it would get so hot it would burn up the magnets (and be a potential hazard if my little one touched it) However I know they work on commision, and the cooled one was $100 more... I'm not exactly greg lemond, so I doubt i'd burn anything up. My husband has agreed to donate 1/2 of the price of one for my Christmas present, so now I just need to decide what would be best for me. Although the PC hookup would rock, (seen 'em) in reality I doubt that I'd be spending enough time on the bike to warrant spending that much $$. I am just looking for something to help me keep in shape. I LOVE to CC ski, but the last few winters have been pretty sparse in the good snow dept. Sad, because there are some really pretty trails and golf courses around here to use if I could.
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