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I was torn between putting this in here, or in documentaries - because it is a documentary-ish about a comedy partnership.

I'm in the middle of watching it now, but I paused to post :P

So, if you like Stephen Fry and you like Hugh Laurie, this is fun. To Brits they are known mainly as comedy partners - for Merkins not familiar with pre-House Hugh Laurie, my find this illuminating.

This is not uproarious, though there are some LoL moments - it's a gentle but endearing look at two very talented men, they're place within British comedy and a friendship of 30 years.

This was made a few years ago when Laurie was still Dr House.

It was shown across several nights I think and of course it had ad breaks, so there's a bit of recapping every so often:

I like when they are sitting talking together, they have such a clear bond. The clips of various comedy sketches are funny, and the way comedy was in the process of changing is groovy to watch.
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