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Originally Posted by Aliantha View Post
I'll tell you what's pissing me off this time.

My FARKING neighbour who has been burning off fuck knows what for the last two days. I'm about ready to go hose him down!
Ohhh, is that illegal up there? Apparently it is down here....

Before I moved, I thought I would burn the rose clippings and grass clippings in my little burn pile....woke up at 5am, so got it going before daylight and as I was standing out watching it around 8am (being responsible ), I heard the fire alarm ...thought to myself...they are doing their usual testing as it stopped pretty quickly....I keep poking the smouldering heap and heard a fair amount of traffic noise in the street.

Poke my head around the corner of the house and BAM!!! theres 2 fire trucks, and 10 fireman out the front...they all growled at me and told me I could be fined $265 for burning in my back yard and took my details.

Apparently my neighbours complained about "toxic smoke", I dragged one of the firemen back to show him what was causing the toxic smoke, but they still growled at me.

Casi - Thank you I have plenty of food, fuel is a bit of an issue, but I found a $10 note in my jeans (Woot!) so we should survive until Friday and I get paid.
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