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The last 5 CDs I played:

1. The Misfits - BLOOD-DRIVE - Live with Zoli (from Ignite)
An interesting bootleg if you can find it. Zoli took lead vocals only 4 days before this show. Impressive showing, I must say.

2. Charles Manson - LIE - The Love and Terror Cult
Charlie is so versatile, but he don't surf...

3. Tracy Lords - 1000 Fires
A technicality. My wife wanted to listen to it, and since she refuses to understand how to work a CD player...

4. White Zombie - PsychoHeadBlowOut / Soul Crusher / Make Them Die Slowly
A wonderful bootleg from a store in NYC. If you can find it, get it, even if you don't listen to it. The resale is worth it. After I bought it ($10), I found out that it goes for $30 - $50.

5. GG Allin 7-CD compilation from a European CD dealer
Amazing what you can do with a CD burner and CD-Rs. GG Allin and / The Murder Junkies / Texas Nazis / Scum Fucs / Shrinkwrap / The HolyMen /The Jabbers / and the rare 7" with The AIDS Brigade. I know this is stretching the idea of the thread, but I consider it a box set, so I apologize (waddle doodle, I am the Greaseman...)
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