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We have to go back, Kate!
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(male) J is spiralling down. I don't know how far he'll go. He walked out on her today after picking a further fight. She knows what it's about, as do I. Something from his past he thought he had finished dealing with has reared its head. Complicated, family stuff. Ihaven't seen him like this for....god nine years maybe? It isn't like when we were splitting up, this is a deeper, much older pain.

He won't talk to her about it. Said there's no point, left her in a state and went home. he is trying to deal with it I know, by removing himself from everybody that matters so he can't hurt them whilst he is getting to grips with his issues.

Damnit, he'd got away from this. Found a way he could reconcile himself to the past. Now he's fucking back in that place again. Breaks my heart. Breaks my heart to hear my friend Female J, so wildly upset she is hyperventilating, and can't actually talk when she's phoned me.

I talked her down. I think. She knows what he's dealing with. Butthe whole thing sets off nasty resonances with an old relationship and the hurts she suffered there.

They'll sort it out. But I hate knowing that she's heartbroken and he's in hell.
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