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Well, I've never personally met a man who was stalked to the point of fear (rather than the sort of irritation you get from a buzzy fly) but I suppose it happens.
However I do know men who have developed intense feelings of jealousy and controlling behaviour and blame it on a single woman who either cheated on them or finished with them. Of course it's all "he said, she said" because I've never known both parties, but some of these men were seriously creepy and felt justified in being so.

Nothing to do with this particular scheme of course, which I suppose can come across as sexist. But fear can sometimes be a learned behaviour, and if you are physically smaller and weaker than every date you have, and face daily ogling and comments on your physical appearance (and supposed shortcomings) I can certainly understand wanting a Get Out of Jail Free Card.

I've never bailed on a date in this way, but I have set up code words with friends, asked for calls at certain times, and frankly just lied to get out of first dates without trying to challenge the "masculinity" of my date, in case I get into a situation I can't handle...
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