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May 27

1957, Buddy Holly and the Crickets released their first record, 'That'll Be The Day.'

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A UK No.1 and US No.3 hit. The song had its genesis in a trip to the movies by Holly, Allison and Sonny Curtis in June 1956. The John Wayne film The Searchers was playing. Wayne's [that's 'Uncle Ethan' to you] frequently-used, world-weary catchphrase, "that'll be the day" was the inspiration behind the song. It was also the first song to be recorded by The Quarrymen, the skiffle group that subsequently became The Beatles.

1963, The album The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan

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was released by Columbia in the USA. Establishing Bob Dylan as a leader in the singer-songwriter genre and a supposed spokesman for the youth-orientated protest movement, it reached No.22 in the US charts and No.1 in the UK charts. The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan showcased Dylan's songwriting talent for the first time and propelled him to national and international fame.

1964, Eleven boys were suspended from a school in Coventry, England for having

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Mick Jagger haircuts. [I didn't know you could be sent from Coventry.]

1977, The Sex Pistols single 'God Save The Queen' was released in the UK. Banned by TV and radio, high street shops and pressing plant workers refused to handle the record. It sold 200,000 copies in one week and peaked at No.2 on the UK charts behind Rod Stewart's 'I Don't Want to Talk About It'. There have been persistent rumours, (never confirmed or denied), that it was actually the biggest-selling single in the UK at the time, and the British Phonographic Industry conspired to keep it off the No.1 slot.

1988, Def Leppard kicked off the third leg of their North American Hysteria world tour at George M. Sullivan Arena, Anchorage, Alaska.

1989, Cliff Richard released his one hundredth single,

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'The Best Of Me', which became his 26th Top 3 UK hit.

1994, Hell freezes over when The Eagles play their first show in fourteen years in Burbank, California. The two-and-a-half-hour show ended with two encores, closing with 'Desperado'.

2010, Dozens of AC/DC fans needed treatment after complaining of burning eyes during a concert on the runway of Wels Airport, Wels, Austria. Around 150 fans had to be treated. Doctors found that the fans showed allergic reactions to bark mulch spread at the venue - the runway of Wels Airport, to avoid the soil getting too muddy after hours of massive rainfall.

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