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I have a headlamp and a flashlight. I suppose I can hold off for now. The places I am going first have fire pits that I definitely plan to use. That could be enough for now. The total is still a little over 60 bucks. I think that's reasonable to start with.

Ok, so I'll buy:
- Tent
- Pad
- Crank charger

I still have to get:
- Boots (This month)
- Food (Closer to trip)
- Wood (On site)
- Biodegradable toilet paper

I have:
- Cookware
- Eating stuff
- Blanket
- Pillows
- Flashlight, headlamp
- Camping/Hiking clothes
- Shower stuff
- Bathroom stuff
- Camping chair
- Normal Hiking stuff
- Mini knife

What am I missing? Keeping in mind they're both drive up camping sites with potable water and bathroom facilities.
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