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Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce View Post
You guys seem to have forgotten Trump lost the popular vote, winning only because of playing the electoral college. It wouldn't take all that many votes to switch, or just show the fuck up at the polls this time, to bounce him out.
And that is the problem as demonstrated by a 2018 elections. Moderates do not vote. So Democrats only obtained a tiny increase.

Every Republican I know who has never (or will not admit to) voted for anything but Republicans, all, voted against Trump. Does not matter. Something like 90% of extremists do vote. So anyone who does not vote, therefore, let's extremists vote for them.

I see no reason why Trump will lose in 2020. Numbers such as in 2018 say he will remain in office. Something extraordinary must happen (ie Democrats find a moderate who can match Trump insult for insult) for Trump to lose. None currently demonstrate that ability or are moderates.
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