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Originally Posted by Griff View Post
Insulting trolls is a fools errand. Find someone who excites moderates and progressives alike
Unfortunately, the most excited voters get excited by insults.

I recall a writer discussing how he wrote jokes that The Don could use at a roast. The Don changed every joke to an insult.

The writer noted that crowd behind Trump. With each insult, would strongly laugh. Insults, to them, was humor.

Unfortunately, cerebral does not work with a majority of people. For the same reason Saddam had WMDs. The emotion, fear, and hate inspired and directed at Saddam was what most all heard. They did not hear the so many facts and numbers (cerebral logic) that accurately define it a myth.

And that is a target audience. Does not matter how good that Democratic nominee is. He must learn to deal with what a majority hear. The guy who insults best is always better respected by so many less cerebral voters. If their guy's insults are accurately challenged (parried), then they do not get so excited.

If the insults are not successfully challenged, then the power of those insults gets amplified by people such as Limbaugth and Hannity.

One expert at this was Reagan. He could insult back and still look fatherly. He was expert at insulting without the associated negative aspects. (ie "There he goes again.") Biden cannot do that. He has always been too nice a guy.
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