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See, give it it's own forum and we all lose interest!

I think we should change things around. I think I'mm'a start a new competition where you enter one pic that succesfully captures as many of the categories as possible. You can enter as many pics as you want, you can edit, but no merging of two different pictures.

perhaps there'll be some category guidance like

Category 1 (COLOR/TEXTURE) e.g. blue, crumpled
Category 2 (OBJECT) e.g. tree, sister, ball
Category 3 (MOOD) e.g. happy, hazy, sinister
Category 4 (BACKGROUND) e.g. roadside, watery
Category 5 (WILDCARD) e.g. sparky, beer, vision

there will only be one word per category for each comp.

what do you think?
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