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Originally Posted by monster View Post
Tuba or not Tuba ...Thunderboy's current dilemma. They have a lot of baritone/euphonium players but a dearth of Tubophonists. If he sticks with the bari, he might make it up to the next band for his senior year (unlikely imo because band teacher hates him). If he changes to Tuba, he's stuck at the lower level, but I think he'd enjoy it and maybe be less bored and distracted and his band teacher might like him more....

There is something splendid about being the bass/base of the band. I don’t have a full grasp of US band orchestration, but unless you are lead euph or bari you’re kind of one of the chorus I expect. Bass (tuba) is a better instrument for someone who is more of an individualist, less likely to seek out the “safety in numbers” thing. Feel free to ask questions, or contact me directly for further discussion.

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