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well, it's been a couple weeks but it bothers me. My X Boyfriend hung up on me. When I complained about it he broke up with me. Then he said If I wanted to continue even as friends with him I had to appologize for getting upset to begin with. fuck that! It would be like saying" hurt me some more"
That came after 8 months of positive feedback. It came out of the blue with no warning. He got along with my kid and I always thought we made better friends and would be good friends forever. I would have liked to remain one but he took the cowards way out or he's just way out. I'm Very confused and still in shock most the time.

He is in to metaphyics so I think he took the long shuttle to pluto. Made some 'energy' remarks. Did this all by email too.

sorrry...please no condolences. I actualy feel better. Light a giant weight is off my sholders. It was hard to watch someone intellectually understand zen but live peyton place in his heart. I didn't realize how negative it was until he was gone....even if the circumstances of his leaving were so weird. So weird .. It spooked me about him so I'm glad he's gone.

sorry for the long rant..

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Seagull-manager type person grrrr
Curious about seagull-manager type person'

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