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Originally Posted by Aliantha View Post
We love long rants.

I'm not happy today because one of our cats is in season and she wont just SHUT THE FUCK UP! I'm about ready to rip her ovaries out myself!
thanks.....but yes let her out. In my next response I'll tell you why you should.

Originally Posted by DucksNuts View Post

I can be more specific, but I am not really into will just leave it there.

Ali - free the beast, she just wants to get laid. Who are you to stand in the way!!
no ducks...please whine. I'll feel better. You know...misery and company...ect...ect.

Ali...if you let her out you'll soon have a beautiful litter of kittens. I don't say this lightly.
You see, my X boyfriend let his mewling cat out and now I am the proud owner of two beautiful 3 month old kittens.

It must have been some grand design scheme to aquire kittens after my cat died. So please let the cycle of life continue. It's a beautiful she'll feel good for awhile.
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