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Fox News protection

When a Trump extremist does not even know basic departmental functions, then he immediately runs to the Fox News propaganda machine to beg forgiveness from its brainwashed lemmings.

One fundamental function in House and Urban Development (HUD) are REOs. Foreclosed properties covered by FHA loans end up in HUD. A major function of that government department.

Anyone with basic real estate knowledge know what happens to a foreclosed property when covered by FHA insurance. But our HUD Secretary Carson does not even know what it is. His job is to promote Trump extremism. Knowledge about HUD is irrelevant.

The Congressman then spelled it out for him. He still did not know what REO stands for. He assumed she was asking about Oreo cookies. Is that a HUD function?

Why so much silence in the Cellar? Extremists here were embarrassed and therefore silent. If honest, they would have posted nasty comments about an incompetent Secretary. But Carson is a right wing extremist. So he must be praised like Cesar. Best is to only attack others who exposed The Don as probably more corrupt than Nixon. (How does one get on Trump's enemies list? Like Nixon, he surely has one.)

Cellar was once composed of a cross section of liberals, conservatives, and moderates. No longer. Right wing extremists dominate these boards. The the silence is deafening.

Carson was asked for the current REO rate. He did not know rates. He did not even know what REO - a fundamental HUD function - was. So he assumed it was a cookie even after it was spelled out for him repeatedly.

A year ago, Rep Beatty had asked Carson about OMWI - another organization in HUD. She followed this up later with written inquiries. A year later - yesterday - he was again asked about OMWI The words were spelled out - "Office of Minority and Woman Inclusion". He was even reminded that he was asked about this last year. And he still confused it with Amway - as if Amway and Oreos are relevant to HUD.

I was surprised. I had thought he was one of the more competent ones. We now know how incompetent the more competent ones really are. No wonder this administration is trying to create a Cheney style ware. Wag the Dog - so that people forget how corrupt or incompetent these people are. Now wonder they also praise Putin. Have openly disparaged every American ally. So many remaining in the Cellar say this is good.
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