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We're filling in details now. We have Saturday nights on the road in Montana. Pretty much all campgrounds are full already. Don't want to risk sleeping on no reservations accepted BLM land. Nothing would be worse than to roll up and find no availale sites after driving 8 hours. So we're staying in the Billings KOA one night.

Gotta find another place the following Saturday. It's a balance finding a good place without driving too far out of the way. Things out West are so far apart.

I'm not worried. Only have a few details to finalize. And there is still some time.

Today I have to go shopping for work and buy samples of infringing items in a lawsuit. It's part of the new job I now have. Shopping is fun, and I'll get paid for it. I had never bothered to join Costco before, but the firm will pay my membership fee to pick up a couple things there. So that's a bonus too.
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