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Today was guitar day at the pawn shop. eBayed five guitars and one bass. I felt 'specially proud to do it, since I could write a really good evaluation of them. Often I have no idea what the item is about - last week there were a bunch of industrial tools, where I have no idea what they actually are.

Today the shop had a few interesting customer events. During the first one, a customer attempted to sell a PSP, but one of the buttons didn't work, making it worthless. She then made a phone call, right in the store, and had a loud discussion with her boyfriend.

Customer: "They wouldn't take the PSP. No. No I tried what you told me, I said exactly what you told me, but they check the buttons."
Staff: "Sorry your scam didn't go as you planned."

The racism in North Philadelphia is exquisite. One gentleman was unhappy at the offer he had been dealt and told everyone that "You are out of your goddamn white brains." We speculated that both his and our brains would actually be a sort of gray-pinkish color.
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