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Originally Posted by Aliantha View Post
Make sure you check in when you wake in the morning. That new toy sounds slightly dangerous. I have never heard of anything like it on the market here, and I doubt I will.
First of all, I'm not dead (yet).

Next, I'm drinking tonight, it's going to be nice. Off work early, don't have to be in until 11 am tomorrow.

NEXT, your question Ali, ok, not a question, but a request. The next day I had a pretty good headache. Well, shit. I was disappointed with my new toy. But not discouraged. I tried it again later, and many times since then, all with only pleasant results. I am going to conclude that the headache was from the eggnog/rum. I've had bourbon, neat, bourbon, rocks, scotch, both, etc. All of the stuff I drink regularly, and in combination with the Vapor Spirit. No problems.

It was the eggnog plus rum that gave me the headache.

Just plain booze and this ... gadget, no problemo. It really does do the job of letting me enjoy the flavor of the the liquor. Especially scotch, I like mine smoky, heavy, Islay, and the more the better. Laphroaig is the best I've had the pleasure to experience to date. It's sublime. No, actually, that's not true. It's about as sublime as a sledgehammer. It's potent, it's loud, it's turned up to eleven. And savoring a wee (very wee) dram in the inhaler lets me enjoy the best of it, the flavor and the aroma, in very economical way.
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