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The world series of poker is in town, so I'm at the holiday Inn express. . My bike is in the covered parking garage of the casino, though. I was losing at bartop poker, so i tried slots. Lost another 15 on the wheel of fortune game, but won $200 at the monopoly machine. I cashed out immediately. Cleared $63 including drinks and tips
It is hard to believe you only drank $137 in liquor. I would have thought it to be much more considering you didn't get any Monday.

And why am I a Mook and the other is G-man dude? Man you hoit my feelings dude man and I don't need no stinking map for my home turf although once I was like where the hell am I.

Then we are in a town with one grocery store and two gas stations and he wants to stop at a bar for a beer. Ha ha he he ho ho. What a Mook. Ha ha he he ho ho.
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