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Originally Posted by the next paragraph in that wiki.....nyuk nyuk nyuk
The other view is that "duct tape" is the original term, since there are many documented uses of that term which pre-date all documented uses of the term "duck tape" for the adhesive-backed product, and that there is no written evidence supporting the WWII story.[20] Some proponents of this view accept the idea that there was an earlier non-adhesive "duck tape", but claim that people have just confused the similar pronunciation of two similar but unrelated products through the process of elision, and that the rest of the "duck" etymology is folklore or fabrication. This view was summarized most notably in a Boston Globe article by etymologist Jan Freeman, also in March 2003.[21]
In any case, whether it is an error or a preservation of the original usage, the term "duck tape" is sometimes used for the product today.[22] Duck Tape is also a brand name for this product in some countries.
oh, no. wait. the opposite of that.
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