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Originally Posted by TheMercenary View Post

Sy Hersh, Abetted by Olbermann, Slandered SEALs That Later Killed Bin Laden as Cheney's Personal Assassins

Read more:
I'm sure it will come as no surprise to you, but do you know who I blame for this misunderstanding?

George W. Bush & Dick Cheney.

The manner in which they executed the entire Afghanistan/Iraq/"War on Terror" debacle was deceitful from the start. It was done with subterfuge and coverups. We had the outing of a CIA agent's identity because her husband dared expose the "yellow cake" lie. We had Blackwater. We had a diversion from the real enemy -- the Taliban and Al Qaeda -- to an act of sheer vengeance against a sovereign leader who they knew posed no real risk, nor were they harboring Al Qaeda, let alone "Enemy Number 1", Osama bin Laden. We had Abu Gharib. We had "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques," aka torture -- orders that were kept secret from even Congress.

When you have leadership that acts sneaky and underhanded, is there any surprise that they are viewed as sneaky and underhanded?

Why was there no explanation by the Administration as to who these "assassins" were? Why were we not informed as to who they were targeting and/or "taking out" in our name?

Therein lies the difference between the Obama Administration and the Bush Administration with regard to opinion about JSOC. President Obama utilized them with the full awareness of pertinent members of Congress, the CIA, and every one of his top Security Advisers. And when the act was carried out, the American public was informed.

Not so with Bush/Cheney.

They reaped what they sowed. Unfortunately, as in many other circumstances, they didn't care who became "collateral damage," even if that meant it was JSOC.
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