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Nice set of excuses to brush off the constant lies, deceit and subterfuge associated with the Bush Administration, as if their behavior had nothing whatsoever to do with how the public perceived things then, in comparison to how we're perceiving things now.

My post wasn't intended as an opportunity for you to pick it apart with your snotty "need to know" bullshit, implying that I'm stupid about how things work with secret ops. It was meant as an illustration as to why Keith Olbermann and "the Left" would hear about a secret group of men going out and doing "hits" at the bequest of Dick Cheney, and call them "assassins", as opposed to hearing about an operation to take out the world's most wanted terrorist under Barack Obama and hailing those same men as heroes.

You're the one who made the post suggesting that Liberals are hypocrites for hailing Team 6 as heroes today, but having called them assassins in the past. I'm attempting to explain to you WHY that might be. Do you want to understand or do you just want to demonize your political opponents?
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