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That storm went by us. Scary night. Tornado warnings on the beach and I'm only 30 miles from there. Why do all the good storms come at night? If in the day I could watch that tree fall on my house. No we didn't have any damage. There are 86 tie downs under this trailer.
I have been riding my motorcycle around since March. A little cool it was, but I didn't have to wear gloves. It was 82 yesterday. The Gulf Stream is not to far off the coast so we benefit from that.

If one drives inland 200 miles then the temps feel like Merchantsville, NJ. I forgot how fucking cold it is up there. The day before I went up there I rode my bike down here. Sheesh how can you stand all those months of winter?

Oh well. I have the heater on now soon to put the ac on. My wife takes more thinners than I and she is a popsicle. She just woke and she wants her coffee.

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