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Looking forward to open mic night.
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I went to a reputable one here in town the day before yesterday. I went by there because I accidently ended up at an interview for vaccuum cleaner sales. They wasted my time and they knew it..I haven't gotten a call back, nor the phone call they said I would get within 24 hours (from the agency). I think I got something good anyway. We shall see today! Cross your fingers, it sounds awesome. And doesn't include me leaving the house and commuting, wasting a lot of gas!

The last time I had a position with a temp. company I went through a buy-out situation but went with another job after 3 months. (A job the temp. company did not know about or get to have a say in) So I don't think I am welcome back to that one, though they were good and definitely acted as agents for me. Some agencies are better than others, and there are less jobs to fill here (definitely a recession)so having someone represent you for permanent hire is not a bad idea. Some of the agencies here have people that represent you like an agent, and talk you up more than you would be able to, so it works out if people are willing to buy you out instead of just hiring someone that came in without an agency.

Of course I haven't signed any paperwork with the temp/permanent hire people yet, so I can do what I want! And if they don't call me back like they said, I won't be.
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