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Things have been slow lately at work for me, and I've been taking on odd tasks in an effort to stay busy and keep my job.

Today I am off to the US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, which I think is fitting considering Veterans Day is tomorrow. I'll be supporting a pro bono case my firm took on. We have several of these veterans cases, and I should be doing more of this in the future.

The VA sent us a disk containing all the records for this veteran. But sometimes they forget to include stuff. So I'll go over there and look at their actual record and compare it to what they gave us and make sure we have it all. It should take me most of the day. I'll go through page by page for a few thousand pages.

I should be doing more of these in the future. Maybe once a week or so. Today I'm going over with a guy who's done this several times and he'll show me the ropes. Lots of red tape over there apparently. Lots. Like there will be someone sitting in the room with us watching us as we go through a few thousand pages of records, page by page. And I'll have to ask permission to use the bathroom and be escorted or something.
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