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It was actually kind of fun at times. I'm back now. We didn't finish. The computer they gave us to use is horrible. You have to click through 3-4 error messages every time you open a PDF and after looking at PDF files for an hour, the computer freezes. So you have to call the guy who logged you in to the system and get him to insert his ID into the reader on the keyboard and reboot the computer.

We got through about 200 PDF files in 4.5 hours of time, but that was only 2 hours of actual working time. The rest was sitting around waiting for things to get fixed for us. And during those 2 productive hours, I'd guess 50% of the time was closing error messages that were popping up.

I don't know how government workers can stand working there.

So I was friendly with everyone and joking with everyone and they were all nice.

For lunch I walked over to the Harris Teeter for the 9.99 prime rib special. I was on the clock during lunch and the firm picked up the tab.

The lady at Harris Teeter cut the prime rib about an inch and a half thick. as I carried the clam shell box up to the register to pay, it literally felt like about 3 pounds or so of food. I was looking for a scale so I could actually weigh it, but unfortunately, none were nearby.

This is the carving station.
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And this was my lunch.
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I couldn't finish it and didn't want to bring the leftovers back into the VA.

The 72 year old batty lady who was babysitting us dropped several hints that she wanted to leave for her 3 day weekend at 2:30 this afternoon, and the computer had frozen up at about 1:45 and the contact hadn't come yet to reboot it for us, so we left at 2:00.

we didn't finish the file review, so we'll try to go back on Tuesday.

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