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Originally Posted by lumberjim View Post
If they use the forest bath as a means, I see value in it. If they use it as an end, I see it as just another chore.
I can see people trying to organize and monetize a walk in the woods, that is, you know, bullshit. Tracking the effect on the human mind and body of allowing the brain to relax where natural patterns exist, however, seems like a good use of resources.

Can the flow of traffic not be seen as a burbling brook? Is the spacious sky not omnipresent?
The problem I see with this is that the brook is wired into our monkey minds by evolution, the traffic is not. You can with intentionality create a oneness with the traffic flow but a walk up a stream bed will do it without effort. I guess it's whichever you see as work rather than good practice. It's easy enough for me to play in the woods on my way home from work, but others need to find what suits them and their lifestyle.
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