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Originally Posted by Pico and ME View Post
How do you get a continuous prescription for valium (or xanax)? The doctors at my clinic will not do it for me. All I want to do is take a half pill every now and then before bedtime to take the edge off a really bad day.
Shoot, I get 10 mgms of Ambien and 2 mgms of Clonopin everyday. I can get an increased dosage by just asking. The VA is turning us all into addicts.

Serious note - if you are out of Valuim, you can make a "Camp Hit" coctail from legal ingredients. Take a shot glass. Add 2 full doses of liquid Nyquil. Throw in 3-5 tablets of Melatonin. Open 4 capsules of Benadryl (100 mgm) and pour it in. I'm serious about this. This concoction was routinely used until they deployed the Combat Stress Teams
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