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Originally Posted by tw View Post
What is the fast pass? When was it created? Apparently it must be made in advance. Does it also sell out? Any time restrictions?
They've been around for at least 5-10 years, most major theme parks have them now. You pay extra to get in shorter lines that run parallel to people who paid less while they glare at you. I don't think there's a limit, they just raise the price over time if they're selling too many. At busy times there's still a line, it's just a shorter line. There are no restrictions on the pass for general use, but at Disney one of the added things is you get to make (I think) 3 appointments per day to ride something specific, and that really jumps you right to the front of the line at your scheduled time. But those are limited, and you can't show up late, otherwise you just get in the regular fast pass line.
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