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Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce View Post
The Wall Street Journal published this in an article about tax increases,
in January of 2013, without a hint of irony. I guess that's how they view we the people.
OK, I've read thru the article (one time), and it's obvious the slant of the article
is talking about the "misfortunes" of families and individuals who have significant annual incomes.
Personally, I don't feel badly for any family earning over $100k/yr, particluarly about ~1% tax increases.

The insulting thing for me is the artwork in the pic where
the single parent looks so sad with $260k,
the retired couple appears non-white with no increase in taxes
... (you know "those people" always get the breaks)... ,
and the white family-of-4 looks so sad with $650,000 annual income.
... (and you know it's the single Asian women who are in those jobs to earn big-time)

As said above, I don't feel at all badly for anyone earning $100k+/yr over such tax increases.

But such is the world of the WSJ...
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