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I see V, tw, and Griff would rather make their root-canal appointments than look up what Trump's view of the Second Amendment is.

Any 2A activist you know will tell you that the electorate armed is something a tyrant cannot survive nor endure.

Griff's stance is particularly untenable -- and were he genuinely concerned the country was sliding into tyranny or something, Griff would be out getting at least three firearms: a rifle (an AR type in 5.56mm NATO chambering probably the easiest to feed regardless), a pistol suiting his tastes, and a .22 rimfire (anything) to practice with surely and cheaply. Centerfire ammo runs into bucks unless you'd like to get into reloading, which in a genuinely concerning national situation of the above sort might be a darn good option to have around.

But I do not observe a sign of genuine, true concern from him. What I see reading between his lines is an intense emotional state -- like fear. As I said, of the wrong people.
Wanna stop school shootings? End Gun-Free Zones, of course.

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