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Originally Posted by bbro View Post
I figured I would resurrect this thread because I really loved my breakfast this morning

I made egg salad with 1.5 eggs, 1/2 tbsp mayo, salt, pepper and paprika on a piece of toast and 1 cup of milk. I am going to have the same thing tomorrow, but I think I will have some ham with it, too.
hey bbro

serious question. did you really make an egg salad with 1.5 eggs? why not two eggs? tomorrow will you use the remaining half egg and another whole egg for the encore meal? I'm not trying to be a smartass, I have been cooking a LONG time, I'm a pretty good cook, but one area I have trouble with is portion control. Egg salad seems like one of those things I just can't make ONE portion of, like making one serving of spaghetti or something. Is that the key, ratios that include dividing eggs? that seems like a lot of trouble. I would (I'm sure this is the root of the problem I just described) just make it with three eggs and save half if I knew it was needed for tomorrow's breakfast. Actually I'd have probably eaten the whole thing, leading to other, weightier problems, but that is a related but different story.
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