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Yesterday morning we all had a Traditional Breakfast at the Reedcutter's Restaurant which was the main eatery on the caravan site we've been staying on.
We had to be out of our caravan at 10.00, so we were up at 07.00 and ready to leave by 08.30.

Would have been even earlier, but Mum & Dad - well, Mum - told me off about the racket I was making, opening and closing doors. "Just not fair" at that time of the morning. Oddly, Mum said, "It's ten to eight now, we don't need to worry about being quiet." I only include that because the timing is bizarre, and in fact tells me that Mum was fed up with creeping about and sod the neighbours. Please note, there was room to park two cars (one and a half?) between each caravan.

It was payday, so brekkers was my treat. Two rashers of bacon, sausage, fried egg, beans, hash brown and fried bread. I had toast instead of fried bread - I do love a place that understand substitution.

No pics, I've reigned myself in on those.
Just a bit of feedback.
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