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In the country's older culture, tattoos were considered disgraceful, connected to organized crime. But this is colliding with the youth culture where the tattoos are apparently newly hip.
Well, that's not the reason they are arrested. They tried to abuse the rule to be dropped from the army: that's why they are arrested for.

And yes the tattoo is still related to gangsters (you may call them Yakuzas). Believe me, the usual `hip tattoo' NEVER looks like that!! That's standard Yakuza tattooes I say. Some of keen-eyed of you could make out the katana, snake and tengu (mythical person worshipped by yaks) in the picture.

Jail serves them right. I mean, such icons are not even Korean, they are totally Japanese. Yakuza wannabes... I hope some Yaku big brother in jail treats them RIGHT.

For the record, youngsters' doing `hip' tattooes are not considered disgraceful very much, at least recently -- we cleary know the difference. Of course, for their parents it's a different matter...
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