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Originally posted by xant
Christ wept... should we start arresting black guys who wear 'do rags? How about skinny people.. probably heroin addicts. I know this is a different culture, but it's still outrageous. I don't care if they are yakuza every one, arresting people because they LOOK like yakuza just serves to undermine the authority of the law itself.
Morality has little to do with legality. If it's illegal to do ___ and you do ___, then according to the laws which govern you, you have some form of punnishment due. It's similar to another thread where kids were "over dressed" and weren't allowed to graduate. Stupid rules by some standards, but rules none the less.

Case and point: pot is illegal, alcohol isn't.

But back on topic...

I also on first glance was wondering why all of these Koreans were wearing Japanese tattoos. Of course, I shouldn't have even paused for thought, since I can wander down the street and see _insert random person here_ with a "cool" Japanese/Chinese/Asian symbol branded on them.

It amuses me to think that were I a tattoo artist, I could put up some flashy Asian glyph which basicly means "I'm a fucking moron" in the window, and people would come in and have it done just because it looked neat. Seriously, how many of these people actually do the research and look up the symbol they go in and get?

"Dude! Check that killer design!"

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