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Originally Posted by monster View Post
sure, let's completely fuck with the hormones and risk blood clots and cancer and all.....
As far as I understand, its no riskier taking the pills without a period than it is with. In fact, my last gyno did that. I'm on seasonale, so only 4 periods a year, and they're short/light at that. If you get an IUD like Mirena, it can also stop your periods altogether. Are you against all birth control methods that use a type of hormone, or just when used to stop periods? There is no increase in risk to take a continuous pill vs a standard pill. There are benefits too of taking the pill. Although your risk cervical cancer increases, taking the pill reduces the risk of cancers of the ovary and uterus. Also decreases the risk of developing RA, as my sister found out after the fact, and developing fibroid muscle tumors, which was the cause of my mom's hysterectomy.There are decades of studies on these types of methods, and there is no evidence that shows that monthly bleeding is necessary.
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