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Originally Posted by Cloud View Post
It was the comments in the thread starting etiquette threads, and the "Cloud starts too many threads" and the implication that I am an obnoxious party guest that upset me a bit.

From everyone, not any single person, so I'm in the wrong.

I'm trying to stay away.
I'm truly sorry if it made you cry.

I'm not sorry for what I said because it was my opinion, and you did ask for opinions - it wasn't out of the blue.

Just because I don't like lots of new one-question threads it doesn't make me right. I could easily do without the gun threads or religious threads but they were here before I was, so I accept them as part of the Cellar. I'm selfish enough to want this place to stay the same as the day I joined, but if it makes you feel any better Cloud, I appear to be in a minority.

One of the things I love about this place is that it very rarely gets personal, and even when it does it can be forgotten about. I hope you feel that way about this incident too. There is someone posting at the moment who doesn't seem to follow this etiquette and they cause me far more irritation and distress than you do.
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