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Feb 7th, 2019: Engine Art

The Automobile Museum of Malaga in Spain displayed 12 engines as art in clear cases on the sidewalk(pavement).
Each was salute to some event or place as well. Most were gussied up versions of real engines but this was an exception.

This is a ceramic representation of the Peking to Paris race winner being used as the canvas for paintings of races and racers they wish to honor.

They took some artistry over accuracy liberties, but the painting and shading is superb for ceramics.
Most of the races are Paris to some distant place, except the Indy 500, so the Peking to Paris is called the Paris to Peking.
Continental pride I guess. The Paris to Madrid was in 1903 where 5 racers and countless spectators died.
The Targa Florio was 1906, but this is art so fuck it.


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