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Originally Posted by Jill View Post
You're the one who's missing the point.

But as to your off-subject point, you're wrong. On many issues the citizens of this country damn well need to know what our government is up to in our name. Why in the hell do you think the framers gave us those beloved Second Amendment rights that your side always crows about?

We haven't found reason enough to overthrow the government to this point, but you'd bloody well best believe that if my government is TORTURING people, "We the People" need to know about it so we can put a stop to it to the extent we are able. And if the right circumstances present themselves, you're damn straight I'll be taking up arms in the formation of an "organized militia" if necessary.
Fuck off. You just don't always need to know. I don't care about the rest of your liberal tripe.
Anyone but the this most fuked up President in History in 2012!
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