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Umm ... yeah.
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      A man is walking along a beach when he finds a lamp in the sand. He picks it up and starts rubbing it clean when a genie suddenly springs forth from the lamp. The genie says, "I am the Genie of the cursed lamp."
      The man repeats, "Cursed lamp?"
      The genie says, "Yes. I will grant you three wishes. However I will give twice as much to your mother-in-law."
      The man thinks it over asnd says, "For my first two wishes I want a 100 Billion dollars and a huge mansion with a forty car garage full of classics."
      The genie says, "Your wishes are granted. However your mother-in-law now has 200 Billion dollars and two huge mansions with 40 car garages full of classics. What is your third wish?"
      The man answers, "I wish you'd beat me half to death."
A friend will help you move. A true friend will help you move a body.
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