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Shortly after being created Adam is wandering morosely around Eden muttering under his breath.
God's voice booms down " Whats wrong my son? "
" Well pretty much everything is perfect but I can't help feeling there's something missing" replies Adam.
"Don't worry, it's all under control my son" said God " I'm working on a creation to keep you company. It will be appealing to the eye, sympathetic to your every need, submissive to your authority and eager to satisfy all your, uh, needs but we'll talk about that later. I call this creation Woman. "
" Well" exclaims Adam " That certainly sounds excellent but what's it gonna cost me? "
" Glad you ask son because this little beauty's gonna set you back an arm and a leg"
Adam mulls this over briefly then responds " So what can I get for a rib? "
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