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Two hunters, Joe and Billy-Bob, are out in the woods looking to kill a Bambi. They have been at it all day, and they have not once spotted anything white-tailed.

With a sigh of exhaustion, Billy-Bob puts down his rifle, rummages through his back-pack, and pulls out some Charmin. "Joe, you just sit tight a few minutes, I'm going to take a dump." Billy-Bob wanders off, Joe leans against a tree and munches on some granola.

Twenty minutes pass. Then twenty more. Joe is starting to get impatient, but suddenly, he spots a good sized buck wandering into range. Without making any sudden moves, Joe gets his rifle, and raises it into position. At the perfect moment, he snaps off a shot. The buck jerks, then buckles and falls without even taking a step. Joe approaches his kill. He looks at it for a while, and wonders why Billy-Bob hasn't come back yet. Really, he should have heard the shot.

Joe goes off and looks for his hunting partner. He spots him and lets out a hillbilly guffaw! Billy-Bob was squatting by a tree with his pants around his ankles, totally fast asleep. Joe, at least now knowing where ol' Billy is, goes off to field dress his deer. He's done some time later, and he is really a bit amazed that Billy hasn't woken up yet. Joe thinks to himself 'That Billy's gonna wake up and find himself a surprise!' Joe goes about setting up his good old country practical joke. He puts all the deer offal under Billy's squatting hairy butt, then he goes off and sets up camp nearby.

Some time later, Joe spots Billy approaching him, looking very green. 'Billy, you don't look so good, what's up?'

'Joe, this ain't never happened to me before! Gaddamm! I was out there taking my dump, and... uh, I must'a passed out! I wake up, and I find that I shit all my guts out! But now Joe, don't you worry too much, cuz with the help of a stick, I shoved it all back in!'
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