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Aiden Lair

Teddy Roosevelt slept here. Or might have were he not the home-schooled, mountain-climbing, really-big-game-hunting, rough-riding-war-hero and boxer of a man he turned out to be. “Sleep when you die,” you can almost hear him bellowing. “I’m pressing on.”

Despite that missed opportunity, Roosevelt’s arrival at Aiden Lair makes the lodge’s present condition all the more lamentable.

The scene was New York’s Adirondack Mountains, September 1901. Assured that President William McKinley was recovering swimmingly after being shot in Buffalo, Vice President Roosevelt and family opted for a little R&R deep in the Empire State’s North Country. Among TR’s planned activities was nothing too taxing, mind you, only climbing the state’s highest peak, the 5,343-foot Mount Marcy.

I've driven by this. The property is currently for sale and the lodge does not appear salvageable. This is the replacement lodge as the one Teddy didn't sleep at burned.
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