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At the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, medal winners John Carlos and Tommie Smith gave the raised fist salute during the American national anthem as a sign of black power, and as a protest on behalf of the Olympic Project for Human Rights.
Wrong, raised BLACK GLOVED fist salute.
Watch out for mercury toxicity, it can make you do crazy things like trying to play the race card to deflect attention from an issue.
You're confused, it's John Burk playing the race card, saying because these cadets are black, they must be giving a black power or black lives matter salute.
That's what's expected of LEADERS. When their actions create controversy, the onus is on them to take the initiative and (situation permitting) explain themselves in the interest of organizational cohesion.
Respond to every shit stirrer outside the organization(Burk), for cohesion within the organization? If that were true the chiefs in the Pentagon wouldn't have time for anything else. There is absolutely nothing any person can do that can't be twisted into a controversy.
Military academies and the conventional military reflect society in general.
Piss poor example of leadership.
Everything is interesting... look closer.
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