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Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce View Post
Does it turn over? If it does it has to be lack of fuel, lack of spark or the timing. No matter how big, small, exotic or simple, the engine is, from a one cylinder lawnmower to a V-16 Caddy, the basic needs are the same for a gasoline engine.

Of course finding out the basic problem, is quite often way easier than finding why, especially lack of spark.

I'm assuming it's getting air, ie no Armadillos in the air cleaner.
I learned this holy trinity as fuel air and fire. And yes, it is a package deal.

BrianR: Congratulations Sherlock! I love solving the mystery as much as fixing the problem. And I have relied on Mr Holmes counter intuitive wisdom more than once myself. "It *can't* be _______." Right. Better check it.

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