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Originally Posted by Tink View Post
None taken.
What about WORK related issues? What about looming deadlines? What about deliveries you expected not coming on time which delays your progress?

Yet the first jump was to marital issues? He has posted much here about OUR lives and 1-sided posts and PMs. I have a side too as to why papers were filed in the first place. No one is a saint, including V. What about what I had to deal with, even though you did not know me? It was a two way street on who could best hurt the other. Trust me. WRONG, and thank God we discovered that. We have no secrets, thus both our names on the last post. I respect him enough to talk to him about my responses such as this. In fact, he is here with me now.
I see your point, but my initial thought was "marriage hick up?", just because of recent history.

No insinuating about right or wrong on either side, just that I thought the response a bit OTT to pexx's reply.

I totally understand the two sides thing, having just been through it with my in-laws, well, now ex in-laws and the things they were hearing from their son and nothing from me.

I was sincerely glad when V and yourself pulled together instead of a part
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