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Went up to Tiger's new class for two afternoons this week.
On Tuesday they were assigned their working groups; all from the Winnie the Pooh books.

Now there's a scene in Hot Fuzz (bear with me) where on of the Andys giggles childishly everytime the word "skidmarks" is mentioned in an accident report. It sets me off and I do the same thing.

Unfirtunately, Tiger doesn't seem to have come across Winnie the Pooh before. He looked at me and laughed every time Mrs M said the word Pooh. And especially when she said Pooh Bear. First time it was just a little boy's humour and I shook my head at him, gently. But as it went on and I just knew he was hearing Poo, I struggled to maintain composure.

For him it was just like having work groups called Bum, Fart and Willy.
And that is pretty funny.
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