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Originally Posted by Undertoad View Post
Candles are an interesting light source, what with all the natural flickering. And they light a bedroom nicely, with just the right amount of dim yellow to see your way around. But it turns out that if you have three big cheap candles burning overnight for several months, a light layer of soot will coat everything, without you noticing.

But more importantly, the soot will be drawn down to your furnace, where it will coat the dust filter so perfectly that the furnace will slowly lose the ability to move enough air to heat the house. The furnace will then run overtime, causing you to pay huge amounts in electricity (or whatever) to heat nothing in particular.

It will most evident that something is wrong when the outdoor air temperature goes down to 5 F overnight, so that you wake up freezing.

Check for carbon monoxide, you just described in very great detail what everything looked like when my furnace broke and I was poisoned by the stuff (not greatly but enough)....please. Your furnace might be broken. Please have your furnace checked, fixed, and test for carbon monoxide. Asap. Your windows are probably's winter. Like mine were. Don't want to alarm you, but it's probably not the candles.

Please have your furnace checked by a professional. I did not do that and suffered greatly for it.

Just check it...I might be wrong and I might be right...

And please excuse my new dyslexia.
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