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As far as the days off are concerned, they kind of aren't happening anymore, in fact for the next few weeks they aren't happening at all, due to this.

Originally Posted by monster View Post
You couldn't just drink less calorific versions of your usual fayre? Or work out more in your days off? Pills are bad mmmkay? I know you don't give a crap what I think, but why in the fuck are you doing this? Is the job really worth it? Three days on (on caffeine), three off (how does the body handle the lack of caffeine then ...or is there no real lack of caffeine?) Is a recipe for a medical disaster down the line. Trust me, I'm a Dr.
Ok, let me get it straight...

You would - as a doctor - recommend for me to continue drinking diet coke and tons of coffee with sweetener, or even continuing with tons of coke energy drinks and coffee with sugar as long as I get more exercise on the side, probably consuming more caffeine overall either way... Rather then me taking caffeine pills?

Why? What is it that is so bad about them that isn't the case for caffeine in other forms?

My intuition here is that I am picking the lesser evil health-wise, if that's not true, I would like to know why.
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